Online Company Stores



We get it - every team has its own unique objectives and ways they want to use their merch. That's why at Indigo, we don't do one-size-fits-all. Instead, we've cooked up four types of online stores, each tailored to help you meet your specific merch goals.


COMPANY STORES - Think of this as your company's personal online shopping hub, a place where employees feel at home. Our Company Stores are designed just for your team, offering branded items that bring your corporate culture to life. Whether it's work merch, office supplies, or that cool company hoodie everyone loves, we've got it all in one convenient spot. It's like your company's swag closet, but online!

FUNDRAISING STORES - Raising money for a cause? We've got your back. Our Fundraising Stores are online shops made just for that. They're places where people can come together, feel the love for the cause, and chip in their support.

POP-UP STORES - Want to start a shopping frenzy? Try our Pop-up Stores. These are shops that only stick around for a little while, stocked with cool branded gear. It's a fun, fast way to get your audience excited and shopping.

TEAM STORES - If you're part of a team and need a hand with organizing orders, check out our Team Stores. These are online platforms designed to make the ordering process a breeze. No more headaches from manual tasks - we've got you covered!


Remember, there's no "best" store - it's all about what you need. Want to get started with your own online store? Just give our friendly customer service team a call at 212-430-8337. They're waiting to help you out.




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